Welcome at CA Electronics, where Sound Quality has more than one meaning.

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CA Electronics is a award winning company, wich unites the latest in innovative technology with precise, hand-crafted quality. From the company workshop in the Netherlands the standard is set for high-end audio world wide. CA Electronics: sound quality.


CA Connectors

All CA Connectors provide outstanding grip and a near perfect conductivity.

CA Damping Plates

CA Electronics Damping plates do not only damp vibrations, but also shields your equipment against RFI. With several models we provide a sound choice.

CA Headphone Stands

The CA Electronics HS-1 Headphone stands sets a high standard, in design and finishing.

CA Clipp

The CA Clipp is a smart usefull holder for in-ear headphones. Need the in-ears at hand? Check the CA Clipp.

CA Isolators

CA Isolators are designed for optimal damping of your equipment.

CA Speakers

CA-Electronics Speakers are made to set a very high standard, in design, technical solutions and of course how they sound.

CA Tablet Stands

The CA Electronics Tablet stands, design, luxurious and stable. The stands are suited for every tablet. Made out of Ceramic and Bentley spec leather.

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